Hybrid PCBs

There are several laminate manufacturers, including Rogers, Arlon, Taconic, Nelco Panasonic and ISOLA. We are experienced in producing different combinations of laminates to serve a wide range of hybrid sheet stack design for the customer. At CCI, we typically use FR-4 material and PTFE laminates, which allows the design engineer to increase high-frequency multilayer pcb manufacturing performance while reducing the footprint and cost of the plate. This is simply a combination of different kits, which can be used as a replacement for each other. Not all companies have the experience or skill needed to design hybrid PCBs. In addition, the manufacturer will need to understand certain problems that arise when engraving multilayer plates.

The material of high-frequency printed circuit boards for electronic communication products is indeed a good choice. Therefore, it will have better accuracy in accuracy and small size compared to other large plates. This includes the size of the miniature components of electronic devices. The combination of different materials also helps to reduce production costs; therefore, it is an economical option. PTFE laminates are used for high-speed functions, while FR-4 offers sufficient advantages for low-speed applications. In addition, FR-4 materials can be used to balance the thickness problems of the layers of these laminates.

These simple hybrid circuits are available in various electronic departments. They join several common applications that are more demanded by people in general. These applications are not far from standard audio, receiver and data transmitters. Hybrid PCBs meet the trend of high density, small size and miniaturization of electronics. Hybrid PCBs can find applications in almost any mid-range and high-end field, such as aerospace, wireless, high-power, automotive, industrial, medical, defense and commercial electronics. For example, in the images above, the hybrid RF PCB with 4 types of base materials is used for defense, copper/FR4 PCB is used for central air conditioning system, and ceramic/copper PCB is used for stage lighting.

Some of these functions can be manufactured using multiple laminating cycles, while others must be performed using a controlled depth routing process of some sort, usually a router bit or laser cutter. Both processes have specific challenges that can add cost and complexity to the design of high-speed PCBs. Our experience enables us to offer our customers the most complete service in the production of printed circuit boards for these products in which we have invested.

There is no doubt that people are asking about the hybrid integrated circuit. That is, most people think that there are differences between a hybrid integrated circuit and a hybrid circuit. Initially, when hybrid circuits were introduced, their prices were exorbitant. This made it possible for only large organizations such as aerospace to have access to it. Although hybrid circuits are expensive in today’s day and age, different people from different walks of life can afford them.