The Best Personal Security Equipment For Any Situation

This is to make sure you are ready to defend yourself during a surprise attack, while at the same time feeling comfortable with a non-lethal weapon. Whether you are traveling or camping, if you are looking for a personal security alarm, you just need something that fits your key ring. The Stinger Safety key ring game is one of the best-selling and premium on the market. The key ring comes with a super noisy personal siren alarm that rises to 140 dB when activated. Helps draw attention during effortless emergencies, where sound can reach up to 500 feet. The key ring also has other emergency features, such as a belt cutter and an efficient window breaker.

The pepper spray key ring is very handy and gives me a sense of security when I wear it. With your spray you can reach 5 feet, more than others on the market. If you like the idea of the Atombeer tactical pen, but you want it to be attached to your keys, try one of these self-defense keychain cubotans.

Each of these alarm systems is perfect for your personal safety. The fact that they are all easy to use and hide makes them ideal for a surprising move your attacker won’t expect. Whoever chooses depends on his personal style and taste, but they are all very effective in attack situations. Please note that the safety key ring is not fatal, but when used with the right force and precision it can cause serious damage to your attacker despite its physical construction.

With 130 dB of sound broadcast, it’s a great way to draw attention to yourself when you are attacked.

In fact, it has been shown to be audible up to 1280 feet away. In addition, I also did extensive research and collected ten solid personal security equipment. I chose these options based on their excellent features and reputation. wood keychains You will learn more about what sets you apart from other options in our next product reviews and purchase guide. Not only do you get an electric gun that looks very discreet, but you also have a very strong alarm to use.