11 Great Festivals In Germany You Should Go To

People from all over the world come to celebrate Cannstatter Volksfest because this German holiday is the second largest beer festival in the world. Full of colorful festival tents, cheerful promenades, lively flea markets and much more, this beautiful attraction is a full-fledged entertainment center. Since 1904, Leipzig has been hosting festivals in honour of Johann Sebastian Bach, the legendary composer and musician of the Baroque period. Today, hotel oktoberfest Bach Fest has been able to establish itself as the most important classical music festival amid Germany’s saturated music festivals. In it, the music festival offers serene performances, such as a mix of secular and sacred concerts, atmospheric jazz performances, chamber concerts, outdoor events and organ tours. If you opt for classical music performances and a spirit-lifting atmosphere, you should definitely visit this music festival.

Along with delicious beer tastings, you’ll find live music, great food, and ‘Brews Cruise,’ which takes you to the River Spree with more than 30 beers on tap. The German scen music festivals offer a range of techno, rrock, metal and all different types of electronic/EDM music. And many of these music festivals in Germany invite big masses from all over Europe: an EDM festival in Germany claims a turnout of more than 200,000 in a weekend.

These festivals carry the culture and identity of Germany, making them unique and indispensable experiences. Germany’s most important and largest national festival, Unity Day, is celebrated every year on October 3 to commemorate the reunification of West and East Germany in 1989. Every state, every city in Germany celebrates the Day of Unity with full fervor and enthusiasm. However, the one held in the capital is the most vivid with the effects of the walls being felt intensely. Even after years, the memories of the Wall, separation and unity remain fresh.

German families can also practice Bleigiessen, a divination method in which lead is melted into an old spoon and then dropped into a bowl of cold water. If lead forms a ball, it is believed to mean a happy year; the shape of an anchor indicates that the family can receive help in times of need; A star shape means a year of happiness. Around the time of Sinterklaas day, the Christmas season in Germany starts about four weeks before Christmas Day. The beginning of the season is marked by Weihnachtsmarkte, the opening of Christmas markets throughout the country. On Christmas Eve, families come together to sing, open gifts, decorate their Christmas trees, and eat the traditional roast goose and red cabbage for Christmas dinner.

Hot chestnuts and tasty pastries made by local vendors make the adventure unforgettable and delicious. These Christmas markets have become so popular that other countries have started to hold their own Christmas markets every year. Some of the largest markets are in Munich, Berlin, Nuremberg, Munster, Lübeck, Heidelberg and Stuttgart. Superstar rock musicians, including the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Korn, Deftones, Black Sabbath and many others, perform in front of an audience made up of people from all over the world. People visit Germany just for this event and enjoy new bands and popular favorites. Locations in Germany include Bonn, Koblenz, Oberwesel, St. Goarshausen and Rüdesheim.

The tradition goes back to the Middle Ages when residents lived under strict rules. Antique lovers will have plenty to do, with hundreds of extensively sailed boats arriving at the harbour for water parades, races and deck trips. The beautiful city of Hamburg is truly electric during Hafengeburtstag and offers a wide range of programs that have something for everyone. Although it is one of the most publicized red carpet events in all of Europe, Berlinale stands out from many other film festivals in that it is accessible to people outside the film industry.

Cities can get very crowded during the summer months and you don’t want to miss being too slow. Unsurprisingly, I would advise visiting Germany in October to experience the original Oktoberfest celebration. Even after attending many world versions, there is no festival as extravagant as the original German Oktoberfest. With a history that spans centuries, life in Germany is steeped in culture and tradition. Attending a German festival is a healthy way to immerse yourself in the most welcoming and fun parts of German culture.