10 Tips To Buy Your New Car Smarter

Some people expect the dealer to offer the full retail value of the vehicle and are often disappointed with the offers offered to them. To avoid surprises, you need to get your vehicle’s Kelley Blue Book® change value and the Kelley Blue Book option for instant cash offers, which provides a starting point for a vehicle dealer. As tempting as it may seem to overlook dealer discount financing, offers from specialist providers such as LightStream, an online loan department from SunTrust Bank, are not overlooked. Lightstream puts you in the same position as a money buyer who is ready to buy from the dealer upon arrival.

To see how much that is, go online to a price guide, find your car and compare the exchange price with the dealer . If you do that, you may find that choosing a smaller car model does not make payments much smaller. This is because manufacturers are not interested in offering good interest rates on cheaper models. In fact, cheaper and smaller car rates can be two to three times higher than for larger, more profitable vehicles for dealers. By focusing on monthly, biweekly or even weekly payment, attention is diverted from the most important aspect of buying a new car – how much your loan costs.

Financing a car means that you will have it in full when you pay off your loan. That is why, unlike leasing, you build capital on an asset and increase your assets . Unlike cash payment, financing with dozens of monthly payments in time helps you build your credit score.

Start with a ridiculous number and work backwards. If the seller offers you an offer with a monthly payment of a certain amount based on a 60-month loan, tell him you want the same payment with a 48-month loan. Finally, buying a car online is more convenient than visiting multiple dealers. Currently, virtually all reputable dealers list the current inventory on their third party websites and sites and value sales on the Internet. And unofficial outlets like TrueCar, KBB, eBay Motors and their direct consumer sales partners are great options with stunning stocks of new and used cars.

Negotiate the price of the car, not the monthly payment. If you tell the dealer that you can pay $ 400 per month, the dealer can pack the purchase with additional items to increase the monthly payment to that amount. If the dealer asks what monthly payment you can pay, Auto refinance don’t answer; change the call in the price of the car. That is why you can “rent” a new car for 36 months under a lease. At the beginning of a lease, you generally pay a deposit of between $ 0 and $ 3,000 depending on how much you want to reduce your monthly payments.

But if you need the money for a down payment, you have to sell your previous car before buying a new one. The exchange can also reduce the sales tax you pay on the new car. Rose says, “Whether you have intentionally lost a car payment or not, it can negatively affect your financial health.

You may be able to organize the prior approval of a loan from your credit association. When doing some of these things, you should not consider a specific vehicle, only a general price range, and when you close the deal, you write the dealer a check for the full amount. Some institutions give you a lower interest rate if you have a direct deposit and an electronic loan, so be sure to ask. Visit our financing section and explore a loan with LightStream, an online loan division of SunTrust Bank. All things considered, knowing the dealer’s invoice price can be an extremely useful trading tool.

Also make sure you know the “full” purchase price of every car you buy. There can be a lot of extra and hidden costs included in the price, including various taxes, auto preparation and delivery rates and dealer costs that you won’t know unless you ask. Many people receive financing from the car dealer, but this is not fiscally justified.

Once you have negotiated an agreed price, it is time to go to the financial office to write the contract. While the contract is being drawn up, all extras are likely to be offered, such as extended warranties, anti-theft devices, subscription services, pain protection and more. Make sure you are ready to say “no thanks” or buy them later. Most of these extras are available to purchase for a short period of time even after you have already bought the car. For new cars, return to the manufacturer’s website and see what offers or incentives they currently offer to buy a new car.