How To Tie A Scarf For The Summer

The key is to first fold the scarf in half and then go through the ends in a certain way. Find out exactly how to do it by watching this video on Sidewalk Ready. To use yours as a traditional scarf, fold it in half lengthwise.

You can also tie the scarf in the middle after tightening it to bend it and add some more volume to it. This style works particularly well with a square scarf. Place your scarf flat and cover it over your head with the ends of the tail falling on your back. If the tails are very long, you can also wrap them around the base of a ponytail or braid into your hair. If you plan to wear a scarf during the hot spring and summer days, opt for a light, carbonated scarf that doesn’t overwhelm you.

Wrap this around your head so that both the loop and the ends of the tail are just above your forehead. Then pull the ends of the tail through the loop and fold them back on their own. Stop or pin the two ends of the tail under the rest of the scarf to hide them and prevent the headband from falling off. If the scarf figure 8 is not enough for you, continue the process of “reveal” your scarf. Make a hack button around your neck and pull a single end of the tail through the loop. Then turn the loop 180 degrees to form a second loop.

When the sun really falls or the wind blows, you can wear a scarf to protect your head, neck and face from the elements. Tie the two ends of the long side of the triangle to the neck around an instant tamer. To achieve how to wear a short infinity scarf the same advantage while wearing a long scarf, cover the scarf over your head with both ends of the scarf in front of your shoulders. Then wrap one end of the scarf around your neck to keep the head cover in place.

Learn how to tie a fireplace and create 2 great styles. But you can also knit your accessory by “doing” more complicated, such as a French or fishtail braid. Also known as Babushka 2.0, this is a style loved by old Hollywood stars, especially when driving through the South of France in elegant convertibles. So yes, it is also an excellent option to fight wind, rain or humidity.