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I’m not saying that what you learned at school is irrelevant, but you are more interested in what you have achieved in numbers than in the knowledge you have consumed. I wish it was different, but the current education and education system has led us to become a numerical society, putting many students at a disadvantage. However, it is important as an individual to strive to increase your knowledge and learning and achieve academic success. By doing this, you maintain a healthy balance that will greatly benefit you when you are looking for a job. Learning is a process of gaining new experiences, knowledge, behaviors or skills. In humans, learning starts from birth and continues throughout their lives.

Historians mention that formal education was compulsory for everyone, regardless of social class and gender. Learning can be defined as acquiring knowledge behavior, capacities, values or preferences. Learning can take place through education, turkiyede tehsil personal development, education, training or experience. Learning is not limited to a specific age or period of life; We learn all our lives. Learning is not listening and accepting what we are taught, but understanding and experiencing them.

Educational psychology is the study of how people learn in educational environments, the effectiveness of educational interventions, the psychology of education and the social psychology of schools as organizations. The terms “educational psychology” and “school psychology” are often used interchangeably. Educational psychology deals with educational performance processes in the general population and in subpopulations such as gifted children and people with specific disabilities. Higher education, also known as tertiary, third stage or post-secondary education, is the non-compulsory level of education that follows the completion of a school, such as a secondary or secondary school.

Otherwise they would not learn today, education systems and curricula are constantly changing. Because education would be during certain periods of our lives. In this case it is necessary to keep track of the innovations of the time.

In addition, in formal education, the school or university rate is divided into different categories, such as tuition fees, library fees and other costs. An educational therapist is a private instructor for students and others who want to improve their mental functioning. They also offer metacognitive and compensatory learning strategies, but also include cognitive corrective training.